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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Ryan Says House Russia Probe Will Still Proceed  CSPAN  May 18, 2017 9:13pm-9:27pm EDT

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>>th wk of course cn dewi niol li wk sricerhe ma burole d eir famili. a ry, the house acted on w und of sanctions ait e ri rimn der to aad esourc f racne. o thiweek, the hou apov landmark ferai. fo listi tt will pending and enncthveme's cutyion
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inisns lt ekweava real sllga etweehe skis ople need toet good jobs and t good bs out tre bei offed. is is something that w reall are and i vy pleased th thedution rkrce committee imoving listi. on ts later today, aed svis chairn willnveil improve t w w delop weaponsysms this is aesntl rtf r ourilaruild for the 21st century t ad morl day veteransffr cmiee has pprov 1bills ilung bipartisan legislatio x e va'sron aea pcess. thieen woing on
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prlefoyears a the vs already king rl sid to get our vers tter care, more acofs, a mind. stly, yesterdathprident 4tcongreiol reewct resolutioto stop residt ams last gutory on slat that d last yea up unt tsea cgress had us repleon y law.on under thi now ju this year already we've donet im ia matter of months. me d to d shgton's cultu of buth and overguti th is a big priskes we gw protect js and r ony. it's a lg ast ands not cole. we'reorng to ae r agenda and address
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oblems amerinsace in tir lives.
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at thatmeeting, and wh'souunrsndg about y j okhistep? i w at the mti. i dot mmt sh etings th are claifd. iaid before, i bie tt therossna otheusce o theirob inpeeny, oecve,nd ielvehe n spiacosehi irort do th.l them >> doeit ierreith th congreiolnvestigation? noit doe't velws id tnkhe intelligen cmiee is t ght place to do that. ainstatn involving russia, iolving anher couryntferingit o e eltis and inteigence comtt imy opinion ishe best ple for at. soheseipartin inveigio, us
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inteigceommitt, nate committ, e gointo ctie ei veigio. veig 't menon er do youhi orshthould ntue tt, nother follo uon the oversht chamaha -- h n td ha teyothk he shoul aside i will findutrom the is orsn inso i n gngo commt omethi tt's in thmea. i ulraerear it from m myself he oversightomttee may doment a reqst. th'she resnsily and at they do. perfectly appropriate that they make these document requests. especially with respect to intelligence, that's where i think the intelligence dtheirjobs.ould
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and the ste partment hat they'reoio d their jobs iepdely and thoughly which is what we' called for all alo. pfely it was appropriate to do that. inhe meantime, we'reoingo keep doing our js. tke our russian investigations going with our inlligence committees anlook
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describeney and not energy. the education wkforce slls e osg the gap. geing th armed services way ttee stream lined the e pentagon procures weapons. t's get ways andea working rorms. let's fi ppl' proble. are still doing th. our jois to make sure we still ma pgress for the america nde' doing th. >>eyd this ye -- i don' think that's e se ougoal and i feelery onfidte n meet this
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oal -- eader ate mority has sd he thi - rathein sene. he says it shoulbeevenue utral. what are the alternaves being is there a w tnsion toave maket more palab? so i think yoca say yeso of the above to what you just said. we have to do and as an old taxrir, wldayouav aernatives f one anothe it isbvious that you can and n ldavsome kind of adjustme and phasen period if y're gngo ve a border adjustment. obviously think it's a smart y to go. i in it makes e tax code the st internationally compitivef any other version we're looking . and i think it rov a tax eives for airm toov
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ovse or movproducon erseas. but if you're not going to do then you havet, to look atltnative tth. idese's always up and down to altertives. that's the process we're going through right now, loingt to reform t way the tax dendo wer tax me for businesses a t the american tax sysm internationally competite. right now, it is literay one syste in the industrialize rld. we're lincoans. ientive thaells mpies outsource you mafacturing. aree doing that? we really believe, we're working fixing problems and that's why tax reforms critical and d bie that are very seriousnd legima cces to any ersn and we have to concerns.te ose
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do you thinkhere's any comes ty that whatever ouofongress wil afft next yearr 'r aeady lking oaardo the >> well, il fer yo to hhs payments. we have moay deadline. we'll et that deadline. o a statureport. that issue is stil unresolved. have to defer you to hhs. the wle point is to have an inpeeninvestigatn and
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they he facts where ad it is pmature torejudge anythi at th point only that ple.ave a process in we have a procesin place here congress and the arossn raonas acin the justice depament. t that it thank you.
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la night i w at granauter's graduatiofr high school. good day. >> gd day. sakg ds, the pas ten days, the american op witnessed earth shang relations about the outraous psident trump. e appointment of forr fbi special muller as prosecutor is aood first st. theacti sws